//Stained Hands Mixed Culture Saison / 6.4%// //Foragers Delight Golden Sour / 4.8%// //Fields of Blue Mixed Culture Saison / 6.2%// Zach has been hard at work picking Juneau berries! We will be releasing three new, locally picked blueberry beers this Fall!


//Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA / 6.9%// We flew all the way down to Oregon at Crosby Hop Farms to bring back the freshest hops Alaska has ever seen! We decided to showcase the fresh Amarillo hops from via a 100% dry-hopped IPA resulting in zero bitterness yet packed full of Amarillo aromas of lemon and tangerine!


//Cocomo Piña Colada IPA / 6.9%// A blast from the beach brewed with toasted coconut, pineapple purée, lime zest and lactose. Loads of oats and heavy dry hopping create an extra creamy, tropical wave of flavor!


//Orange Creamsicle Milkshake IPA / 6.0%// Brewed with a variety of malts and a touch of lactose for extra creamy smoothness, we then triple dry-hopped with Loral and Mandarina Bavaria for a floral citrus blast, conditioned with vanilla beans and many many pounds of blood orange puree.


//Pie Face Cherry Pie Ale / 7.7%// Brewed with a complex malt bill and graham crackers to provide a nice pie crust before a heap of cherry purée was added to the fermenter. The result is a fresh slice of cherry pie in a glass!


It's official! You can drink Signature IPA at Deck Hand Dave's Fish Taco Truck TODAY!


//North Douglas Chocolate Cake Stout / 6.0%// Brewed with the Juneau-famous, North Douglas Chocolate Cake from the Fiddlehead restaurant. Yes, we put actual chocolate cake in the beer. The result is a thick, chocolatey treat!