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Talk Berry To Me Wild Strawberry Ale.jpg

Talk Berry to Me Wild Strawberry Ale // 6.8%

This beer was fermented freely in our open top puncheon with natural flora from within the brewhouse. Conditioned with strawberries and vanilla beans to balance the light, tart funkiness with creamy strawberry goodness.

/Pilsen, golden promise, oats, carapils, honey malt

/Saaz, strawberry puree, vanilla bean

/Lactobacillus, wild yeast

Hellmund Imperial Stout // 11.0%

Beautifully scary, Hellmund conquers a smooth, creamy, everlasting mouthfeel balanced by light initial hop bitterness that slashes into strong notes of dark chocolate brownies, cherries, lightly roasted almonds and Terry’s Chocolate Orange holiday treats.

/2 row, oats, crystal wheat, black malt, chocolate, crystal 60L, crystal 80L, victory, roasted barley

/Warrior, citra

/Kviek yeast

90's Style IPA.jpg

90’s Style West Coast IPA // 6.9%

A hop-trip back in time. Light malt sweetness balances a floral, piney bouquet of hop aroma as an up-front, clean and strong bitterness brings you back for sip after sip of 90’s pub crawl and vhs-rewinder flashbacks.

/2 row, pilsner, crystal 20L, carapils

/Warrior, cascade, saaz jarrylo, simcoe, centennial

/American ale yeast

Stained Hands Mixed Culture Blueberry Saison // 6.4%

Open-fermented with a French saison yeast before heaps of fresh, locally picked blueberries and huckleberries started a secondary, wild fermentation to be carried out in French oak. Keg conditioning with fresh blueberry juice started the last fermentation to create a dry, refreshing, very-berry beverage.

/Pilsen, spelt, oats, carapils, rye

/Saaz, cascade, blueberries, huckleberries

/French saison, local flora

Chinook Fresh Hop Pale.JPG

Chinook Fresh HOP Pale // 6.4%

Fresh, whole-cone chinook hops from Riverbend Farm and Brewery were added at knockout to give this strong pale ale a refreshing, balanced hop profile with just enough fruit and zesty character to balance the toasted, bready malt character from heavy additions of oats.

/Pilsen, oats, white wheat, flaked wheat, carapils

/Chinook, equanot

/American ale yeast

Pink Elephants on Parade Golden Strong // 8.0%

Our Belgian yeast strain threw heaps of fruity, citrusy, apricoty esters and spices. All the while, a traditionally bright malt profile left undertones of fresh caramelized honey biscuits that crumble into a dry finish, leaving the palate wanting more!

/Pilsen, 2-row, melanoidin, munich lite

/Warrior, candi syrup

/Belgian ale yeast

Easy Living NEIPA.jpg

Easy Living NEIPA // 6.5%

Only post boil hop additions teased out as much fruity, nectarine, peach, and strawberry melon flavors as possible. A Kveik yeast strain added a balancing, spicy, herbal backbone putting a unique twist on this New England IPA.

/Pilsen, oats, flaked wheat, carapils, honey malt

/Barbe rouge, huell melon, mandarina bavaria, meridian

/Kviek yeast

No Dancing Pale Ale.jpg

No Dancing Pale Ale // 5.5%

Brewed with Pilsen, oats, wheat, and a touch of crystal developed a creamy silky-smooth mouthfeel with a light caramelized dough sweetness. Extremely healthy additions of Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra, and Galaxy post boil leaves notes of heavy fresh papaya, pineapple and a variety of citrus. Very high on the chugability spectrum.

/Pilsen, white wheat, oats, crystal 10L, crystal 20L

/Citra, mosaic, galaxy, simcoe

/English ale yeast

Guardians of the Grapefruit Pale batch 2.jpg

Guardians of the Grapefruit pale // 4.5%

A wheat pale ale brewed exclusively with galaxy hops and grapefruit peel! Pale biscuit notes from heavy wheat additions meld with galaxy’s light fruit notes. A dry finish is balanced by the light acidity and delicate bitterness of the grapefruit peel to make a very chuggable late summer drinker.

/2-row, white wheat

/Galaxy, grapefruit zest

/English ale yeast

DCBP_003StraightWithLogoAndBadge copy.jpg

Signature IPA // 7.1%

Riding the line between East and West coast. Our Signature IPA balances four Northwest sourced hops for a bright, citrus, tropical palate with just enough malt sweetness.

/2-row, crystal 40L

/Mosaic, Amarillo, Cascade, Citra

/American ale yeast

Couch Beach.jpg

Couch Beach Belgian blonde // 5.5%

Our warmer weather go-to. Couch Beach shows off our house Belgian yeast strain with a mouthful of fruity esters and a refreshingly dry finish balanced by a light, lasting sweetness from an addition of honey malt.

/2-row, crystal 10L, aromatic, carapils, honey malt


/Belgian ale yeast

Silt Milk Stout.jpg

Silt Milk Stout // 4.9%

We brewed Silt Stout with milk sugar to counter this dark beer’s natural roastiness. Languid as a milky glacial lake, this thick, sweet beer nourishes the palate with a creamy, silken body.

/2-row, chocolate malt, crystal 80L, oats, carapils, roasted barley, black barley, lactose

/Warrior, Fuggles

/English ale yeast

Pommegranate lime soda.JPG

Rotating non-alcoholic soda // 0.0%

Made fresh, in house with pure-juice purees, love and lightly carbonated. The kiddo-favorite!


our Dearly departed

The following beers aren’t on tap any longer but may return…

Forager's Delight Sour.1.JPG

Forager’s Delight Golden Sour // 4.8%

Soured in our open-top puncheon with our locally foraged blend of yeast with balanced amounts of spruce-tips and blueberries. Piney, citrus, sour character is matched by the tannins of the blueberries to make a supremely chuggable beer.

/Pilsen, spelt, red wheat, rye

/U.S. Golding, spruce tips, blueberries

/Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Saccharomyces

Cocomo Piña Colada IPA // 6.9%

A blast from the beach brewed with toasted coconut, pineapple purée, lime zest and lactose. Loads of oats and heavy dry hopping create an extra creamy, tropical wave of flavor just in time for the last breath of summer!

/Oats, pilsen, white wheat

/Warrior, Idaho 7, toasted coconut, pineapple puree, lime zest, lactose

/English ale yeast

Nothing Else Matters IIIPA.jpg

Nothing Else Matters IIIPA // 10.1%

We blended a variety of tropical hops through heavy additions in the boil, plus a triple dryhop in the fermenter with loads of oats and wheat. The result is an absurdly thick and overwhelmingly hoppy treat with strong notes of coconut, every citrus variety imaginable, and pineapple.

/Pilsen, oats, carapils, white wheat, flaked wheat

/CTZ, citra, mosaic, jarrylo, galaxy, lactose

/English ale yeast

Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA.jpg

Amarillo Fresh Hop IPA // 6.9%

We decided to showcase the fresh Amarillo hops from Crosby Hops via a 100% dry hopped IPA resulting in zero bitterness yet packed full of Amarillo aromas of lemon and tangerine!

/Pilsen, oats


/American ale yeast

Cuckoo for Coco-mund stout // 6.7%

Brewed with an expansive malt bill and lactose to create a dark, silky adventure! Vanilla beans and cocoa nibs added undertones of both top-shelf chocolate and hot cocoa, transitioning a light initial bitterness into a soft, creamy mouthfeel.

/2-row, oats, crystal wheat, black malt, chocolate malt, crystal 60L&80L, victory, roasted

/Centennial, lactose, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs

/Pacific ale yeast

Tropical House Golden Sour.jpg

Tropical House Golden Sour // 5.8%

A dry hopped golden sour conditioned on mango, passionfruit and pineapple! Our mixed culture provides a strong sour quality while providing flavors of stone fruit and citrus. Dry hopped to add extra notes of strawberries and tropical fun!

/2-row, flaked wheat

/Azacca, Au ella, mango puree, passionfruit puree, pineapple puree

/Sacc brux trois, lactobacillus, brettanomyces

Spirit Fingers Apricot Sour.JPG

Spirit Fingers Apricot Sour // 4.3%

Fermented in our open top puncheon with 100% Brett, then racked onto a mountain of apricots in stainless for a slow smooth secondary. Sharp initial tartness finishes out with a blast of fresh apricots while incorporating a light nutty backbone

/Pilsen, flaked wheat, crystal 20L, carablonde, crystal 10L, honey malt, crystal 30L

/Saaz, apricot puree

/Brettanomyces, lactobacillus

Orange Creamsicle Milkshake IPA // 6.0%

Brewed with a variety of malts and a touch of lactose for extra creamy smoothness, we then triple dry hopped with Loral and Mandarina Bavaria for a floral citrus blast, conditioned with vanilla beans and many many pounds of Blood Orange Puree.

/2-row, golden promise, oats, cara blonde, red wheat, melanoidin, honey

/Saaz, loral, mandarina bavaria, lactose

/English ale yeast

Raspberries Taste Like Raspberries Brett Pale Ale.jpg

The raspberries taste like raspberries Brett pale // 4.6%

Light, juicy, and refreshing! The raspberry brett pale ale is lightly hopped with a simple malt profile allowing the raspberry purée and yeast to be the driving force. Keg conditioned to brighten flavors within the beer while enhancing carbonation quality!

/2-row, white wheat, oats

/Loral, raspberry puree

/Brett trois vrai

Reel Vibes India Pale Lager // 5.1%

A smooth, well-balanced lager with an extra kiss of hops! Lightly sweet, crisp lager character is followed by a burst of lemon and citrus from dryhopping. It’s the best of both worlds, full-flavored and crushable. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon with reel in hand.⠀

/Vienna malt, munich light, golden pilsner, golden promise, melanoidin

/Warrior, lemondrop

/Bohemian Lager

Patio snacks grisette // 4.6%

A light chugger fermented with one of our favorite Saison yeasts. Clean, dry, and refreshingly flavorful with notes of white bread, citrus and light spice. It’s the perfect beer to take home to the patio. Which you can, in crowler!⠀

/Pilsen malt, white wheat, oats, flaked rice, carapils, honey malt

/Warrior, mandarina bavaria, huell melon

/French saison yeast

Hey There Hop Stuff.JPG

Hey There Hop Stuff DDH IIPA // 8.0%

Double dry hopped using Azaaca, Mandarina Bavaria, and Loral, Hey There Hop Stuff blasts flavors of fresh pineapple, citrus, and Mango with a light fresh biscuit sweetness. Easy to chug at 8%, this double IPA is balanced and packed full of the tropics.

/2-row, oats, carapils, munich

/CTZ, simcoe, loral, mandarina bavaria, azacca

/English ale yeast

A Good Time Pilsner.jpg

A Good Time Pilsner // 4.7%

Our first foray into the land of lagers! Crisp with a clean malt backbone that is so refreshing it brings a Good Time anywhere. Light honey, citrus and biscuit notes add a supremely chuggable edge.

/Pilsen malt, melanoidin


/Bohemian Lager

Snapseed (2).jpg

Get Wit It Belgian Witbier on Brett // 5.7%

Get Wit It was fermented entirely in oak and brewed with freshly peeled orange and coriander. The wit yeast and Brett conditioning offers a pungent spiciness that is blanketed by notes of vanilla and coconut from its oak fermentation. Dry, refreshing and light.

/Pilsen malt, flaked wheat, carapils, oats

/Nugget, hersbrucker

/Belgian wit yeast, brettanomyces

Whoops I Spelt! Pale Ale // 5.5%

Balanced and complex with a lengthy malt bill that contributes a rich, nutty sweetness. Fermented entirely in the fresh oak of our new foeder, the fruity hop notes mingle with vanilla and clove flavors for a supremely smooth palate.

/Marris otter, white wheat, spelt, golden promise, oats, honey malt

/Azzaca, rakau, motueka, kohatu

/American ale yeast

Soulcial Media Farmhouse IPA.jpg

Soulcial Media DDH Farmhouse IPA // 6.4%

Big, bold, juicy hops proudly display themselves to the world while our locally harvested blend of microbes subtly expresses the beers true, inner complexity in the background. A juxtaposition of modern, extroverted flavor with the humanity of yeast forward, old world fermentation creates a beer that feels forever lost in today’s beer landscape.

/Pilsen malt, pale malt, red wheat, carapils

/Warrior, hull melon, lemondrop, mandarina bavaria, rakau, waimea

/Locally harvested flora

Rainforest Saison Batch 3.2.jpg

Rainforest Saison // 6.8%

Fermented with yeast and bacteria that lived on the skins of Juneau blueberries. This rustic process allows each batch to express itself differently. Batch 3 is the strongest yet, at 6.8% and was the first batch to be fermented and aged entirely in a single French oak, red wine barrel. The barrel imparted a rich vinous and oak quality that melds wonderfully with the Tongass terroir.

/Pilsen malt, wheat


/Locally foraged flora

Country Fields Blackberry Sour Saison.jpg

Country Fields Sour Blackberry Saison // 5.6%

Soured in our new upright French oak puncheon before being open fermented with our locally foraged saison yeast blend. Blackberry purée was then pitched and accentuated by the light addition of local spruce and hemlock tips added late in boil. The resulting beer has an initial sourness that slides away into a thin dryness that abruptly evaporates off the palate.

/Pilsen malt, flaked wheat, white wheat

/Lemondrop, spruce tip, hemlock tip, blackberry purée

/Locally harvested flora, lactobacillus

Spruce Springsteen Spruce Tip Blonde // 4.3%

Locally picked spruce tips contribute a heavy citrus and pine flavor that is washed down by late hopping undertones of tropical fruit. It’s dry and refreshing, the perfect American beverage. Chug responsibly.

/Pilsen malt, white wheat, rystal 10L, carapils, honey malt

/Nugget, cascade, simcoe, citra

/Sacc. Brux. Trois

Mile 37 Belgian Tripel.JPG

Mile 37 Belgian Tripel // 7.9%

Combining strength with drinkability, Mile 37 is smooth, full of fruity notes from its Belgian yeast and crisp. Made for those times when you want a refreshing chug but don’t want to lug a whole 24 pack to camp.

/Pilsen malt, aromatic, munich

/Warrior, perle, hallertau hersbrucker

/Belgian ale yeast

Double Wide Double Hazy IPA.jpg

Double Wide DDH IIPA // 7.7%

Our hoppiest release to date. It’s an IPA, but double. It’s dry hopped, but double. At first you see a trailer, but turn the corner? That’s a doublewide. Notes of tropical fruit roll down a thick palate.

/Pilsen, oats, flaked wheat, carapils

/Idaho 7, meridian, simcoe, jarrylo

/English ale yeast

Beached As NZ Hazy Pale.jpg

Beached As Hazy Pale Ale // 5.7%

Featuring four new hops from New Zealand, this beachy beer was brewed with lots of oats and wheat and triple dryhopped for a velvety palate with melon, kiwi and pine notes. 🐳

/Pilsen, wheat, oats, crystal 10L, carapils

/Rakau, motueka, kohatu, waimea

/English ale yeast

Pie Face Cherry Pie Ale // 7.7%

Brewed with a complex malt bill and graham crackers to provide a nice pie crust before a heap of cherry purée was added to the fermenter. The result is a fresh slice of cherry pie in a glass!

/Pilsen, oats, wheat, caramel hell, biscuit malt, cara gold, cara belgian

/Warrior, loral, graham cracker

/English ale yeast


Rainforest Saison Batch 2 // 6.0%

A pilsen malt and wheat based saison fermented with local flora wrangled from our temperate rainforest. Yeast and bacteria collected from local blueberries adds a dry, tart finish to this refreshing beer. Each batch has its own unique flavor profile, yet all share a certain Southeast Alaska funk - Batch 2 is our favorite yet. Slightly more sour and with a little extra funk than Batch 1.

/Pilsen malt, wheat


/Locally harvested flora

Tangerine Dream Brett Golden Ale.jpg

Tangerine Dream Brett Golden Ale // 5.2%

The newest in our series of 100% Brett-fermented fruit beers! Tangerine Dream was brewed with 84lbs of, you guessed it, tangerine purée. It’s dry, funky, slightly tart and very fruity. 

/2-row, white wheat, oats

/Loral, tangerine puree


Droopy Eye Imperial Stout.jpg

Droopy Eye Imperial Stout // 9.0%

Brewed for those of us who would rather keep a bottle locked away than drink it. As thick, creamy and smooth as possible, notes of top-shelf, dark chocolate dominate.

/Belgian pale, crystal wheat, oats, 2-row, black malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, honey malt, crystal 120L, carapils

/Warrior, CTZ

/English ale and American Ale yeast

Peach Milkshake IPAopt.jpg

Princess Peach Milkshake IPA // 6.2%

If Mario spent three decades chasing a beer, this would be it. Brewed with lactose, peach purée and vanilla beans to create a lusciously creamy IPA straight from Mushroom Kingdom fantasies.

/2-row, oats, white wheat, flaked wheat, crystal 10L, honey malt, carapils

/Loral, citra, amarillo, lactose, vanilla bean, peach purée

/English ale yeast

Summer Lights Cucumber Berliner.JPG

Summer Lights Cucumber Berliner // 3.9%

This kettle-soured beer was 100% fermented with Brettanomyces before heaps of fresh cucumber was thrown in the tank. It’s ridiculous, tart, dry and cucumbery! A Summer favorite brewed in honor of green skies on a warm night. 

/Pilsen, wheat

/Hallertau hersbrucker



Boardwalker Belgian Amber Ale // 5.1%

Malt forward and sweet. Boardwalker is lightly spiced with orange peel, coriander, seeds of paradise and stars of anise to accentuate its fruity, Belgian yeast character.

/Pilsen malt, aromatic, munich, victory, crystal 40, carapils, crystal 120

/Fuggles, US Golding, orange peel, coriander, seeds of paradise, stars of anise

/Belgian ale yeast

Slack Tide Belgian Quad.jpg

Slack Tide Belgian Quad // 8.5%

Slack Tide is thick, yet smooth with a light initial bitterness. Poured on nitro, the raisin, toast and red fruit is accentuated to create a full bodied treat that sits between mainstream currents.

/Belgian pale, abbey malt, special B, melanoidin, dark belgian candi syrup

/CTZ, hallertau mittelfruh

/Belgian ale yeast

Joe Domba Biere De Garde // 7.1%

Fermented entirely in French oak Pinot Noir barrel for six months, Joe Domba is sweeter than our usual farmhouse beers. Sweet malt notes meld with the vinous qualities of its barrel to create a smooth, lightly spicy finish.  

/Pilsen, munich, crystal 40L, wheat

/Fuggle, hallertauer mittelfruh

/Belgian saison yeast

Double Ugly West Coast IIPA.JPG

Double Ugly West Coast IIPA // 8.6%

A return to balance with this West Coast inspired Double IPA. A carmel, malty backbone and piney, citrus, berry hop notes mingle in our tried and true high-abv stunner. Double Ugly is deceptively smooth, handle with care.

/2-row, white wheat, crystal 30L, carapils

/Warrior, cascade, fuggle mt. hood

/American ale yeast

A-Papa Batch 2.opt2.PNG

A-Papa On Brett // 5.3%

Tart, refreshing and dry as bone. A-Papa is fermented with 100% Brettanomyces, entirely in chardonnay barrel adding flavors of light fruit, white grape and oak.

/Pilsen malt, white wheat, wheat



Whats my name skip hazy IPA anniversary.JPG

Whats my name, skip? hazy IPA // 5.1%

Brewed for our 1 year anniversary on 4/20/19! Resinous, dank and piney from late, late hop additions with a light, silken body. While on the lighter side for IPAs, there was no skipping the hops.

/Pilsen, oats, crystal 10

/Centennial, ekuanot, columbus

/English ale yeast

Convict Soiree.jpg

Convict Soirée American Sour Ale // 7.3%

A medley of yeast and bacteria are all complicit in the criminal sourness of this seven month, barrel-fermented beer. Sweeter malts balance the sour flora, adding notes of fresh sourdough and biscuit throughout.

/Pilsen malt, munich, wheat, honey malt, crystal 10

/Hallertau Hersbrucker

/Brettanomyces, lactobacillus, pediococcus

Kelp me Kelp You Kelp Gose // 3.9%

Clean and crisp with a lightly salty edge from the addition of local bull kelp fronds from our kelp-food-friends at Barnacle Foods. Earthy, spicy noble hop additions meld with the creamy, wheat base of this highly sessionable springtime chugger.

/White wheat, pilsen, acidulated malt

/Warrior, fuggle, hallertau hersbrucker, bull kelp fronds

/American ale yeast

Folk Buddies Local Saison // 5.4%

In honor of the famous Alaska Folk Festival we brewed up a folksy, funky saison blending old and new world flavors. Oak fermented with our loacally harvested, wild yeast blend and dry hopped with new age, citrus hops. Folk Buddies is dry and funky with crisp orange flavor.

/Pilsen malt, wheat, spelt, munich

/Citra, mandarina bavaria, lemon drop

/Locally harvested flora


Blackbeard Barrel-aged stout // 7.3%

After six months in whiskey barrels Blackbeard was blended together to obtain the right balance of char, oak, light red fruit and vanilla. Pouring on Nitro

/2-row, oats, chocolate, roasted barley, roasted wheat, wheat


/English ale yeast & American ale yeast

And Boom Goes the Dynamite Berliner Weisse.JPG

Boom Goes the Dynamite Berliner // 5.5%

A traditional Berliner Weisse that is slightly tart from six months in Pinot Noir barrel. Boom finishes with a POW of cripsness, making it prime for a tantalizing sip or a refreshing chug. boom.

/Pilsen, white wheat, carapils

/Mandarina bavaria

/Weizen yeast and lactobacillus

Juice Klenz Hazy IPA1.PNG

Juice Klenz Hazy IPA // 6.9%

A plethora of hops used throughout the brewing process creates a uniquely orange, citrus, creamy flavor reminiscent of a fresh glass of OJ. Oats, wheat, lactose and orange peel fully rounds out this creamshake of an IPA.

/2-row, oats, wheat, crystal 10

/Warrior, mandarina bavaria, loral, citra, mosaic, amarillo, simcoe, orange peel, lactose

/London ale yeast

Hi didly ho flanders red.PNG

hi diddly ho flanders red sour // 6.5%

A traditional Belgian Sour beer coming from the Flanders region makes its way out of our red wine barrels and into your glass. Tart, lightly carbonated with a lasting sweetness from its malty backbone.

/Pilsner, crystal 60L, oats, wheat


/Belgian ale yeast and barrel funk

I'll have another Saison.jpg

I’ll Have Another Saison // 5.6%

Every year at Haines Brewfest the brewer’s put their heads together and come up with a recipe for everyone to brew next year. This year the rules were a single-malt-single-hop beer with cascade hops, and a locally foraged ingredient. Our interpretation is this saison fermented in French oak with locally foraged flora that ferments dry, with a light spiciness and citrus character.



/Locally harvested flora

Out the Road.JPG

Out the Road Golden Strong // 8.0%

Crisp, clean and dry, our house Belgian yeast strain does all the heavy lifting for this strong ale. Light alcohol on the tongue is almost entirely masked by the beer’s fruity backbone and noble hop finish.

/Pilsner, victory, clear candi syrup

/Sterling, warrior, saaz

/Belgian ale yeast

Island Flo Passionfruit Brett IPA.JPG

Island Flo Passionfruit Brett IPA // 6.5%

Tropical and citrus hop notes shine in this 100% Brettanomyces fermented fruit beer. Passionfruit puree, as well as a healthy dose of wheat and oats, add an extra tropical punch that will leave you feeling sand between your toes.

/2-row, oats, white wheat

/Loral, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria


Moondrop square.JPG

Moondrop Hazy Pale Ale // 5.7%

An easy drinking pale full of juicy, citrus, tropical notes from its late and dry hop additions. Highly chugable with a silky-smooth, thick body like a face full of fluffy snow.

/Pilsener malt, oats, wheat

/Galaxy, Ella, Citra

/English ale yeast


Downrigger Imperial stout // 9.3%

If lures could speak, they'd tell tales of darkness. Pushing the brewhouse to its capacity, this beer is as strong as it is thick with dark fruit notes to counter the roasted, chocolate of its darkness.

/2-row, crystal 60L, oats, black barley, aromatic, carapils, chocolate malt, roasted barley

/Perle, Fuggles, Cascade

/English ale yeast

Banana Breakfast Cereal.jpg

Banana breakfast cereal // 6.0%

Creamy and brewed with breakfast in mind this beer was mashed with bran cereal, boiled with banana chips and raisins and milk sugar. Fermented with a Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast strain to accentuate the banana. Part of a well balanced breakfast.

/2-row, flaked wheat, white wheat, aromatic, crystal 20L, chocolate wheat, lactose

/Hersbrucker, warrior, saaz

/Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast