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Signature IPA // 7.1%

Riding the line between East and West coast. Our Signature IPA balances four Northwest sourced hops for a bright, citrus, tropical palate with just enough malt sweetness.

/2-row, crystal 40L

/Mosaic, Amarillo, Cascade, Citra

/American ale yeast


Silt Milk Stout // 4.9%

We brewed Silt Stout with milk sugar to counter this dark beer’s natural roastiness. Languid as a milky glacial lake, this thick, sweet beer nourishes the palate with a creamy, silken body.

/2-row, chocolate malt, crystal 80L, oats, carapils, roasted barley, black barley, lactose

/Warrior, Fuggles

/English ale yeast

Couch Beach.jpg

Couch Beach Belgian blonde // 5.5%

Our warmer weather go-to. Couch Beach shows off our house Belgian yeast strain with a mouthful of fruity esters and a refreshingly dry finish balanced by a light, lasting sweetness from an addition of honey malt.

/2-row, crystal 10L, aromatic, carapils, honey malt


/Belgian ale yeast

Out the Road.JPG

Out the Road Golden Strong // 8.0%

Crisp, clean and dry, our house Belgian yeast strain does all the heavy lifting for this strong ale. Light alcohol on the tongue is almost entirely masked by the beer’s fruity backbone and noble hop finish.

/Pilsner, victory, clear candi syrup

/Sterling, warrior, saaz

/Belgian ale yeast

Hi didly ho flanders red.PNG

hi diddly ho flanders red sour // 6.5%

A traditional Belgian Sour beer coming from the Flanders region makes its way out of our red wine barrels and into your glass. Tart, lightly carbonated with a lasting sweetness from its malty backbone.

/Pilsner, crystal 60L, oats, wheat


/Belgian ale yeast and barrel funk


Blackbeard Barrel-aged stout // 7.3%

After six months in whiskey barrels Blackbeard was blended together to obtain the right balance of char, oak, light red fruit and vanilla. Pouring on Nitro

/2-row, oats, chocolate, roasted barley, roasted wheat, wheat


/English ale yeast & America ale yeast

Island Flo Passionfruit Brett IPA.JPG

Island Flo Passionfruit Brett IPA // 6.5%

Tropical and citrus hop notes shine in this 100% Brettanomyces fermented fruit beer. Passionfruit puree, as well as a healthy dose of wheat and oats, add an extra tropical punch that will leave you feeling sand between your toes.

/2-row, oats, white wheat

/Loral, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria



Boardwalker Belgian Amber Ale // 5.1%

Malt forward and sweet. Boardwalker is lightly spiced with orange peel, coriander, seeds of paradise and stars of anise to accentuate its fruity, Belgian yeast character.

/Pilsen malt, aromatic, munich, victory, crystal 40, carapils, crystal 120

/Fuggles, US Golding, orange peel, coriander, seeds of paradise, stars of anise

/Belgian Ale

Convict Soiree.jpg

Convict Soirée American Sour Ale // 7.3%

A medley of yeast and bacteria are all complicit in the criminal sourness of this seven month, barrel-fermented beer. Sweeter malts balance the sour flora, adding notes of fresh sourdough and biscuit throughout.

/Pilsen malt, munich, wheat, honey malt, crystal 10

/Hallertau Hersbrucker

/Brettanomyces, lactobacillus, pediococcus


Rainforest Saison Batch 2 // 6.0%

A pilsen malt and wheat based saison fermented with local flora wrangled from our temperate rainforest. Yeast and bacteria collected from local blueberries adds a dry, tart finish to this refreshing beer. Each batch has its own unique flavor profile, yet all share a certain Southeast Alaska funk - Batch 2 is our favorite yet. Slightly more sour and with a little extra funk than Batch 1.

/Pilsen malt, wheat


/Locally harvested flora

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Rotating non-alcoholic soda // 0.0%

Made fresh, in house with pure-juice purees, love and lightly carbonated. The kiddo-favorite!

our Dearly departed

The following beers aren’t on tap any longer but may return…

Moondrop square.JPG

Moondrop Hazy Pale Ale // 5.7%

An easy drinking pale full of juicy, citrus, tropical notes from its late and dry hop additions. Highly chugable with a silky-smooth, thick body like a face full of fluffy snow.

/Pilsener malt, oats, wheat

/Galaxy, Ella, Citra

/English ale yeast


Downrigger Imperial stout // 9.3%

If lures could speak, they'd tell tales of darkness. Pushing the brewhouse to its capacity, this beer is as strong as it is thick with dark fruit notes to counter the roasted, chocolate of its darkness.

/2-row, crystal 60L, oats, black barley, aromatic, carapils, chocolate malt, roasted barley

/Perle, Fuggles, Cascade

/English ale yeast

Banana Breakfast Cereal.jpg

Banana breakfast cereal // 6.0%

Creamy and brewed with breakfast in mind this beer was mashed with bran cereal, boiled with banana chips and raisins and milk sugar. Fermented with a Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast strain to accentuate the banana. Part of a well balanced breakfast.

/2-row, flaked wheat, white wheat, aromatic, crystal 20L, chocolate wheat, lactose

/Hersbrucker, warrior, saaz

/Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast