The brewery license that we currently operate under specifically disallows many things, one of those things is “recreational or gaming opportunities” The Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office’s (AMCO) director finds this language too vague to enforce so she has proposed new language to replace that with the following specific activities:

(1) festivals; (2) games and competitions; (3) classes; (4) parties, except for private parties limited to specific invited guests; (5) presentations or performances; (6) other types of organized social gatherings that are advertised to the general public.

Obviously, we STRONGLY oppose these changes. Preventing “presentations” and “social gatherings” is an attack on our first amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. Practically, for our business this would mean an end to First Friday art shows, Pizza Nite, hosting fundraisers for non-profits and possibly even advertising new beers, for fear of causing a social gathering. It is an egregious attack on all alcohol manufacturers in Alaska, wineries and distilleries included. We really don’t want to have to go to court if these regulations get adopted, so we need you to voice your opposition.

Where it stands now: These proposed changes are out for public comment until October 4th, after that they will go before the Alcohol Beverage Control Board who will vote on whether or not to adopt them, based on AMCO’s recommendation and public comment. I HIGHLY encourage you to submit public comment to explaining why you oppose the proposed changes to define “recreational or gaming opportunities”

The complete release can be found ->here<-

Devil’s Club Brewing Co.